This package contains an effective way to perform employee evaluations across the company. This

evaluation can be performed by one of four available evaluation methods using calibration to enhance

the manager's decision-making process.

Business Benefits

Perform performance evaluations that are focused on company goals, competencies and behaviours, that are completely aligned with company needs. Fair and equal evaluations will result in lower turn-over, better engagement, and higher revenue per employee.

Value Proposition

Your organisation can increase its value using cloud-based technology, with reduced total cost of implementation and ownership, guarantee of fast delivery, to value the solution and quality of annual performance management processes that will be quick, fast, and efficient. This technology will help you to optimise your workforce skills and competencies, through mobile, tablet and laptop devices.



Evaluation process adapted to any kind of industry based on specific data acquisition. 

  1. Competence library: One competence library cross-cut to the whole organisation.
  2. Goal Plans: Plan for annual goals, development plan. 
  3. Evaluation Methods: Performance reviews, annual reviews, mid-year reviews, talent reviews.

Services: Professional services included with implementation, testing and go-live for customer (40 hour post go-live support). Implementation Fee: 10000 euros.




YourPerformance Package